Borderline Express
CD Graphics

Below, on this page we have enclosed copies of the actual Graphics enclosed in the Borderline Express CD Jewel Case and on the CD Disc. These pages include the Titles and Times, Credits and the actual Song Lyrics from the album tracks. We hope everyone finds these enjoyable. They are mainly here as thanks to, and for the pleasure of those folks who have downloaded our music digitally and thus missed all these pretty pictures and the information that comes with them.
CD Back Cover (Titles)

Better Be Believing;Feet Get Ready; Boll Weevil
Saigon Tea'George Washington's Birthday
George Washington's Birthday;End Of The Age;Bill's Liner Notes
Froggy;Hotel Hampton
Coal Miner's Mountain;Here Comes The Wind;Yellow Prairie Moon;Tif's Liner Notes
Morning Glory;I Had A Dream;Love You So Much;Don's Liner Notes
BLX Tray Interior